Location: Saba/Underway to BVI

Today we woke up excited about the day’s upcoming adventures from the stories that the staff had told us about the wonders of the island and its surrounding reefs. My group was to go diving the first day, so we gathered our gear and were shuttled over to the dive boat in one of Argo’s dinghies. The dive boat was a midsized motorboat and carried two dive tanks for each of us as well as water and some rather delicious lemonade in two coolers. Our first dive site was on a reef in about 80 feet of water. The water was very clear, and we could see hundreds of fish everywhere we turned. There was also a large Caribbean shark swimming around a little ways off, which was amazing to see underwater. After we came up to the surface, we reboarded the boat and grabbed a fresh tank. We had a rest on the surface and then dove on our next site. This one was a pair of stone pillars that came up to about 15 feet below the surface. These pillars were covered in all kinds of beautiful corals and sponges, many of which were fluorescent. There were also another five sharks swimming around as well as several nurse sharks and two different turtles, both of which got very close to us. As with the other sight, there were countless fishes of all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Peter and Aric had GoPros and got some excellent videos of the site as well as a bunch of pictures. With these two dives (Deep dive and Boat dive), we have completed 4 of our 5 Advanced Open Water dives. Only one more to finish this next certification! Upon returning from the dive, we had a few hours to relax before the others returned, and then we had dinner and oceanography class. Now we are on our way to the BVI to continue the last portion of our semester. Since I’m skipper today, I had the pleasure of running the deck as we raised sails and got underway to our next destination.

Pictured: Views from some of the highest and lowest points on Saba: scuba diving with sea turtles, and hiking to the top of Mt. Scenery.