Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Tomorrow the oh-so lustrous Argo crew set sail for the first time, and everyone is wicked excited (myself included).

Today we got up at the usual 7:00 am with some restless faces after a big day yesterday. However, the once saddened faces turned into ones of unhinged joy after tasting some of Jay’s home-made coffee cake. It was killer. What followed was a day filled with preparations for the oncoming voyage consisting of a lot of organizing, packing, and some chart practicing, all of which are harder than they sound. Our final moments of the afternoon were spent stoking the rest of our provisions, enough for 11 days without land! (It’s a LOT of food).

I’m blessed with some of the most talented singing I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening too. Every day I get to hear the 16 girls singing a different Disney song, and just when you think they can’t sing anymore, they go again! Truly majestic.

But seriously, I very much enjoy the people on this crew, staff included. There’s a lot of potential here, and we’ve already made some great memories, all of which without actually sailing yet! I cannot overstate how excited everyone is to hit the water. As I’m writing this, the wind just picked up again, of course, so fingers crossed everything goes smoothly tomorrow morning. It’s a little ways away, but I hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day!


P.S. Happy Birthday, Allie!