Location: 10.55,98 N ; 056,57.04 W

Finally, back on the blog. I’ve waited all voyage for this! It’s funny, the last time I wrote on here, it was the night before we left Cape Town to go underway, and now here I am blogging the night before we arrive in Barbados.

This signals a sort of end to the first half of the trip, and a beginning to another. Since the lustrous Argonians have left Cape Town, we’ve spent about five days on land total, and let me tell you, that’s a LOT of ocean. It’s been a wild ride for sure, but personally, I’m extremely eager to be on land and explore the surplus of islands we’re about to visit. I think between tomorrow to Antigua; we’ll have a grand total of 3 more days underway, which is crazy to me. What’s even crazier is how this is day 51! Absolutely unreal. Also, I assassinated Steph while she was setting up the blog for me, so #failingoceanography.

I can’t help but note how amazing the food is. In fact, I’ve never had better food in my life. With such a diverse array of ingredients, it’s almost impossible to get tired of the meals cooked by people who have never cooked for 29 people before.

Readers will be shocked to hear that I am still literally the only person on board who likes listening to Hard Rock/Metal, so my offers to play music are often met with disbelief and resentment while I’m consistently blessed with ‘Avant-Garde’ options, such as Musicals. Country. Musicals. And Musicals. Readers will also be relieved to hear that the singing has done anything but subside over the last 40 days! There’s nothing quite like a 4 am singalong during watch 🙂

Joking aside, I know everyone is elated to get to Barbados, especially since we all made the decision to skip stopping in French Guiana (since it would have only been for a day) and power through straight to Barbados. It definitely made the passage tougher at times, but as I told several people, it will for sure be worth it once we get there. Speaking of things to look forward to, we’ve started our dive classes and are days away from finally scuba-diving! I’m really pumped for that, especially since we’re going to be doing it so much.

Thank you, everyone, for reading, and I hope all of you are having a good month of March thus far. I’ll be in touch!

P.S. To friends and family: my phone’s been broken for about two weeks now, I’m not entirely sure why. My best guess is that my current software got corrupted since I haven’t been able to update it (requires WiFi), so hopefully I can find somewhere in Barbados to update it, but if you don’t hear from me, that’s why. Sorry!

P.S.S. Find the Elder Scrolls Easter Egg!