Location: Port Denerau, Fiji

We look back on the past 103 days

Oh, how weve changed, in so many ways

Tanner, our skin

Lighter, our hair

A few less clothes, which we can wear.

Brighter, our eyes

Bigger, our brains

And the clothes we have all have stains.

Our philosophies, different

Our skill sets, unique

But set on our goals,

To which we seek

1- who led the way and brought a new lesson, with each day

2- who showed us the lines and pushed our bodies, hearts, and minds

3 – who kept us safe and gave us tools to find a new place

4 – who structured our days and made sure our smiles never went away

5 – who was learning and teaching all in one, who made each moment oh so fun

6 – who made us laugh, even when we didnt understand the point or the fact…

7 – offered a hand, and if you needed help, you know he can

8 – with wit and skills, solving problems no one else will

9 – offering words that bring smiles and kindness, like no one Ive heard

10 – introspective thoughts and shared the lessons of which he was taught

11 – unapologetically him, and how we saw his light, that shines so bright within

12 – the golden girl, whose laugh could spread joy across the world

13 – striking intellect, with an ability to reflect on things few people can ever detect

14 – a true fighter, whos light in this world, is a burning fire

15 – a quiet observer and a wise soul, and if you really know her, your heart will grow full

16 – true compassion, who walks upon the earth in the gentlest fashion

17 – who will always get up from the ground, no matter how many times she falls down

18 – a magnet to people and to laughter, and shell always be the dingy master

19 – an elegant mind whose goofy soul will always shine

20 – a ray of sun, who wonders the earth spreading love and fun

21 – the kindest of all, who will the first one there if you fall

22 – beautiful and bright, and all around, has an ora of light

23 – the happiest heart and the biggest smile, who will always make you dance a while

24 – selfless and caring, who will hold you up even if his arms are tearing

25 – loyal and enthused, whos never afraid to share his views

26 – cool and collected, calm and chill; if theres an adventure to have, you know he will.

8.500 miles, lie behind

But were all still looking for the places well find

27 people that have shared this time

Keep them in your hearts and in your minds

Lets look up at the stars and remember the days

Where we crossed oceans and crashed through waves

Lets continue our journeys, oh the places well go

But near to our hearts will be Argo