Location: underway

We were up early today at 6 am to leave Agadir. We cast off our dock lines and motored past the many small fishermen out in the bay at sunrise. Today was an important day for the crew; we switched up the watch teams and began the watch rotation with our new team members. After lunch, we had an MTE class and an OCE class. The Atlantic has been extremely calm today, like a lake, for most of the morning. It was a great time to sit out on the bowsprit, enjoying the company of our new watch team members. Following the lunchtime activities, we had a man-over-board drill. We practiced a different technique to last time when we launched the rescue dinghy today. We practiced the figure-8 maneuver under sail and sent in a rescue swimmer for the final grab. Phil volunteered for the task of rescue swimmer. We tied a line to him and kitted him out in a life vest before he dived in to rescue our large orange buoy! As the boat was moved, it was then a perfect time for a shower in the Atlantic. The water has been about 62 degrees for the past few days along the coast of Morocco, possibly due to local upwelling. Today, as we motored offshore, it jumped back up to our usual 70 degrees, making shower time pretty refreshing. We have just had dinner prepared by Bret and his team, and the watch teams will continue into the night.