Location: Young island, St Vincent and The Grenadines

I woke up today to the usual heatwave In my bunk. However, it paid off as Chief made some delicious french toast and bacon. Once I gulped down my five slices of toast, I quickly sprinted down the companionway to get ready for our leadership class. After class, we, unfortunately, had another round of covid tests. However, some people were lucky and got to choose whether they wanted a nasal swab or an oral swab. I, unfortunately, didn’t get to choose and had a nasal swab that put me into tears. Once we were back on the boat, Chief made us an amazing lunch of sandwiches and chips. The chips never last that long as they are a scarce commodity aboard the boat, but I made sure to get more than two handfuls. I ended up overeating and feeling quite sick during our oceanography quiz. This quiz was quite challenging as it was on five different sections, but I was looking forward to the fort after, so it kept me motivated. After lunch, when we reached the small fort only a couple of hundred yards from our home, I realized I was the only person that brought their mask and snorkel. I took a small break to swim by myself amongst the fish under this beautiful rock formation. Then I headed up the long concrete stair path. The view at the top was mesmerizing, and the cannons were incredibly large. We took tons of pictures, and Ben somehow accidentally took a far fall and only ended up with a small scratch. Luke and I climbed on top of these cannons and stared off into the deep blue sea while Kiara and Callum went searching for a geocache. On their adventure, they ran into a small scorpion which Kiara was terrified of. Sadly, they could not locate the geocache (this is the third time this has happened), but I’m confident they will find one soon. Once everyone got back, we enjoyed our nice ocean showers and Jukumas bag of bodpods. For dinner, Chief made us burrito bowls and sweet potatoes that hit the spot.

1- Me at the fort
2- Julia, Riley, and Isa at the fort
3- Callum, Ben, Kiara, Zac, and Jodie searching for the geocache :0
4- Weird stair picture
5- Luke and Calum on Irv
6- Sunset off the stern
7- Luke and I on a canon

I am exhausted
– Mike