Location: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Today was our first full day on the beautifully quaint island of Bequia. Bequia is small and covered in trees, with idyllic houses sprawled across its hilly terrain. The waters are crystal clear and Argo is anchored less than 100 ft. from coral reefs that are teeming with life of all sorts. This is certainly a paradise that everyone aboard has come to appreciate after only one day. With rescue diving and open water certifications to be completed, our time was divided between dives on the reef and opportunities to go ashore and explore the small waterfront town. Bequia’s shops offer some of the most ornate and unique souvenirs of any place we have yet visited and energy aboard was high as excited crew members came off the tenders chatting animatedly of what they saw either on land or under the water. In the afternoon, seven brave souls strapped on theirs fins and their masks and scrubbed Argos waterline, a favor she, as well as our captain, very much appreciated. After dinner the crew headed down to the salon for a student leadership presentation on percussion beats, which was taught by Gabe (also known as Beat Master Fresh) and finally an MTE class. Its early to bed tonight after such a full day and each crew member certainly awaits tomorrows wake up call for another day on this magical island.