Location: Underway to Galapagos

We are so close to the Galapagos now! We should arrive tomorrow morning, which will be very exciting. Before we get there, though, we have to do the Equator ritual to become shellbacks. I don’t really understand it too well, but basically, once we cross the equator, we earn the title of shellback, but we have to prove ourselves first. We must sacrifice something to the water god. Then undergo some sort of ritual that will be prepared for us by the staff. Should be very fun and exciting. I think a lot of people will be sacrificing their hair. I know at least one person is shaving it all off. We also had an apple bobbing competition today in the dishy pit. The prize for the fastest apple bobber was the ratty old Panama flag that we hung up going through the canal. My first opponent was Gabby. I beat her handily. Maybe I should have let her win.

Then I beat Charlie in the finals for the win. Super epic and super gross. The dishy pit water looked like vomit and tasted like salty burnt eggs. Still won, though. My watch team is on watch now. Allie is playing chess with Matt. I think Matt is winning. There is also a huge storm passing by our bow. Some rain would be nice right now, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to hit us. The class was the same as always, learning about stuff and things. More specifically, we learned about flares in seamanship, plastic pollution, and coastal erosion in Oceanography. We ended the day with Charlie’s delicious pineapple fried rice and my amazing squeeze question “If you could sail Vela anywhere, fictional place or real, where would you sail her to.” Tomorrow should be a very fun day, and we are all very much looking forward to entering the Galapagos!