Location: Carriacou

Today, the Ocean Star crew and staff embarked on a 4:15 am mission to arrive on time for the 5 am start to Carriacou’s J’ouvert celebration, which kicked off their Carnival celebration. This was probably the most hyper any of us have been at 4:15 am, but we needed all of that energy for the following 4 hours onshore. J’ouvert was a vibrant celebration filled with paint flying everywhere, similar to a color run, and the entire city danced in the streets to the music being blasted out from the DJ trucks roaming the main street of Hillsborough. As you can see from the pictures, we all got very involved with the painting and dancing. Many of us believe this morning to be one of the coolest experiences of our lives that bests many concerts or music festivals. After a quick ocean rinse, we returned to the boat for some much-needed brunch and siesta time. We returned to the island for the parades in the afternoon before coming back to the boat for a burger dinner and a long night of studying before our first Marine Biology exam!

Skipper Micah W.