Location: Carriacou

What an awesome day to be skipper!

Today began with a double rainbow, and it’s about to end with a bonfire on Sandy Island – aptly named for its…sand! In between, as goes every Seamester day, adventures abounded. We woke up, raised the sail, and headed straight into a squall, where we got to finally experience the infamous ’40/40’… 40kt gusts, with OStar, maxing out the inclinometer. The rest of the sail was gorgeous, and we all had a great time hanging out socializing, reading, snoozing, TRYING to catch some tuna (the life of tuna fishermen is hard!), and listening to some great tunes by DJ Casey on deck. And then we arrived in Carriacou! After getting the sails pulled down and the boat organized, most people took off to Sandy Island to collect firewood and chase crabs, while some of us stayed back, trying (and succeeding!) at making conch fritters. With dinner finished, everybody is looking forward to an evening off from classes, either heading to the beach for a fire or watching a movie on board.