Location: Savannah Bay, B.V.I

Yesterday 16 new crew made their way from far and wide to their new home aboard Ocean Star for the next 20 days. With everyone aboard now, we had a very busy day with a lot of information for the crew to learn. The students were sponges absorbing everything from what to expect living aboard a boat, handling lines, what a PFD is, how to sail a large vessel, not to mention 19 new names to remember. After we covered the basics, the dock lines were cast off, and the crew of Ocean Star was underway for adventure. I lead the crew through what I refer to as the “Captain’s Crash course to Sailing 101. Soon we had four sails up, all done by their own hands. We went through some maneuvers of tacking and jibing as we made our way to our anchorage in Savannah Bay on the island of Virgin Gorda. After a long sail, the crew enjoyed their first swim call and shower time in a pristine Caribbean bay. Dinner was then served, followed by more information about the vessel and life aboard. For such a long day, the crew did fantastic learning as much as they could. Even though it is only day 2, I look around and already see new long-lasting friendships forming among the crew. Many of them don’t know what to expect for the next 18 days, but they came looking for adventure and new experiences. They will get that and SO much more.