Location: BVI

While many people dream, talk about or entertain the idea of their next big adventure, very few possess the drive and commitment to “pull the plug” on their day-to-day lives and make such adventures a reality. The sound of cockerels crying their early morning wake-up call was the signal for our 23 adventurous Argonauts to rise from their first night’s slumber aboard. This morning’s itinerary included a series of introductions. Intros to each other, the program, our safety protocols, and the tentative schedule for the incredible experience which lies ahead of us. With everyone suitably hydrated, PFDs donned, and engines running, Argo and her crew were all set to cut the proverbial umbilical and cast our dock lines at around 13:00 this afternoon, setting course for Peter Island. Along the way, the crew had an introductory sailing class on deck led by our First Mate, Ben, and Program Director, Brittany. Having had our brains filled to the brim with a plethora of new sailing terminology, we were ready to set two of Argo’s six sails. A couple of tacks beating up the Sir Francis Drake Passage, and we were ready to strike sails and set ourselves up to pick up a heavy-duty mooring ball for the next two nights. Tonight’s agenda consists of an intro to Academics and plenty more chit-chat as the crew excitedly prepares themselves for the next 49 days aboard.