Location: Deshaeis

We awoke with a rather interesting breakfast of biscuits, yogurt, and sausage. That meal sounds good on paper, but in real life, French sausage has hair and smells disgusting. Lets just say that most of us were up before wake ups because of the frying sausage stench. After the funny meal we hauled anchor and began the 8 mile motor to Deshaies. On the way, we divided into teams and bet on what time we were going to enter the harbor. The only things we were told was that the length on deck is 75 feet we also got bread. With only this information, we all got very close, but one team pretty much hit the nail on the head. It was a fun ride and everyone enjoyed plentiful rays and tunes provided by Beats. After arriving, we did some research dives and explored the shore. Some people hiked up a river in search of waterfalls others attempted to hike, but fell mid way and hit their heads; nothing to worry about. After a terrific super mac and cheese dinner, we all witnessed a what would have been an instant hit on YouTube if it was recorded. Meatball dropped her cup and had to jump in and rescue it. Contrary to popular belief, squeezing through the lifelines, falling back first and smashing the already sinking cup, is not the best technique to retrieve a cup. The cup was lost. We all hope this is not a bad omen and that the sail tonight will go smoothly. Wake ups are at 11pm and the plan is to be free of the harbor in a half hour. Who’s ready for an epic night passage to Antigua? Ocean Star is.