Location: Nelson's Dockyard, English Harbour, Antigua

I woke up with the rest of watch team two at 0540 to take over the watch from Captain Eric, and watch team one. We were just in time to catch the sunrise, just as we brought the southern shores of Antigua into view. Our watch went quickly, as first we were escorted by a large pod of dolphins for half an hour. An extraordinarily long time for the nimble dolphins to play in the bow wave of a comparatively ponderous Ocean Star. Soon enough we woke up the rest of the crew for a delicious breakfast of spicebread (recipe courtesy of Kris’ Mum). We put the boat stern to the centuries old dock, and launched into a massive clean-up for the morning. By lunchtime Ocean star was gleaming in the sun, looking as good as any of the other yachts on the dock! The afternoon was devoted to shore time and exploring the fashionable cafes and gazing at the impressive yachts lining the docks. By dinnertime everyone was ready for the a special night out. We hiked to a lookout for a sunset view, and BBQ dinner. After that, everyone will definitely sleep well tonight.