Location: English Harbor, Antigua

After a tasty breakfast of whole wheat cinnamon rolls, we set off on a short hike away from the calm harbor to a more exposed rocky shore of southern Antigua. We were on a marine biology mission to explore tide pools and the creatures that live in them. We had some beautiful views along the way, and we were immediately drawn to our destination: the aptly named the “Arches of Hercules.” The striking geological rock formations here can best be summed up by Ryan: “This is sick.” We searched for critters in the tide pools and hiding in rock crevices and found things like fuzzy chitons, and juvenile boxfish, and lizardfish. After recording our discoveries, we headed back to Ocean Star for some free time ashore. The island of Antigua has proved to be much drier, hotter, and sunnier than Les Saintes, so some folks caught up on much-desired beach time. Three of us had the chance to partake in a big provisioning and errands mission, and we found ourselves wandering wide-eyed amongst aisles full of stuff. I haven’t seen that quantity and variety of food and stuff since back in the U.S. How overwhelming and exciting at the same time! Needless to say, it was a day of successful missions.