Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Another hot Antigua sunrise greeted us in English Harbor for our breakfast. I had a good wake-up song pumping like a usual morning to wake everyone up and soon turned it down, remembering our neighbors about 10 feet away on each side. Being anchored to a dock is a new and fun experience for us, as it’s just a hop skip and a jump to land. Going onshore here is hard to resist regardless of tempting fun boat projects. There’s a lot to explore, and in the past 2 days, we’ve had some time to do so. Today Shanley and I went back to the same restaurant we went to yesterday to get the best-sauteed mushrooms and over-easy eggs; quite a luxurious meal. All of us found a way to hit the beach at one time or another to enjoy some downtime. The sun is so hot here. We found the beach to be the best place to be today, especially with some pineapple juice on ice. There are all kinds of ways to get there, either through the Antigua Yacht Club or by taking an adventurous hike in hopes of not getting lost on the trail. A game of soccer went down onshore, and Meatball was cooking all day for us, and we had a delicious grilled chicken meal to end the day. We’re excited for our sail to Green Island tomorrow!