Location: Barbuda

Two months down and a couple more weeks to go. I can’t believe that time is starting to fly by so fast. This thought has coursed through my brain all day. From the moment we set sail off of anchor near Green Island, navigating through treacherous reefs while raising the sail, to the moment we dropped anchor near Barbuda, known for its beautiful pink beach, this thought has racked my brain. This didn’t stop me from enjoying my day. In fact, I worked harder to embrace every moment I could, as did everybody else. Things just seemed to snap into place today. Everything went smoothly. I believe it has gotten to the point where we can handle this ship naturally (at least with minimal guidance, just in case). This fact makes me feel proud and accomplished. I sense that this feeling is generally accepted throughout the crew. I would also like to note that throughout my day, I observed a fine head chief (Sam Wyckoff) work his butt off to make extraordinary foodstuffs, including cucumber soup and calzones, even though there were many haters and complainers in his path. Also, another extraordinary side note, we saw what appeared to be humpback whales today slapping their tails and pectoral fins on the surface of the water to wave us onward with our journey.