Location: St. Barths

Surf day began with a roller coaster ride in a car full of boards to a small beach with big waves. After the boards were waxed and a quick demonstration showed us the basics of when to paddle and how to stand up we were let loose into the crashing surf. With the water a little rough, the biggest challenge was getting out through the white bubbling water to where the waves were just beginning to break. Once there we bobbed, drained of energy until a surge of adrenaline pushed us up onto the wave and left us usually kneeling on top of the board. For a few glorious moments we would stand, then plummet back down into the water. Black and blue, and a little too red we crammed back into the rental car and headed for the boat. Then after showers and recounts of all of the times we almost had surfing down we dressed and sang Jimmy Buffet as we walked over to Le Select (the inspiration for the song Cheeseburger in Paradise.) We had a fun time exploring St. Barth’s at night, checking out sushi restaurants and listening to the live jazz band that played there. It was a cool end to a hot, hot day.