Location: Phuket

Yesterday, Beau, being the punctual young man that he is, wrote his blog at 6 pm. My official “blog shift” started at 12am, which means that everything that happened from 6 pm to 12 am fell into a mysterious black hole of undocumented time. Normally, this would not be a problem as shipmates are typically sleeping, but as it turns out, one of the more amazing events of this trip occurred after 6 pm last night. So, although technically, the event falls outside the jurisdiction of my blog, the epic nature of the event compels me to expound on what happened. As you know, yesterday was the final day of the Kings Cup Regatta. As part of the culmination, there was a final ceremony. To briefly summarize, it was incredible. First, the prizes for the overall placing (Argo took 2nd in her division) were awarded by an emissary of the King. The emissary is considered to act directly for the King and is a man of such respect that many Thai people do not look him directly in the eye. Following the awards, there was a closing celebration at the Kata Beach Resort, which included a live band, a pool, hundreds of happy sailors, and lots and lots of free delicious food. We danced, we feasted, we shook hands, we feasted some more. It was a night of revelry that I am not sure has a parallel among other competitive sports. People that were at each other’s throats just hours ago were mingling, smiling, and dancing as if in a tribe. Before last night I didn’t know much about yachtsmen, regattas, or competitive sailing. Now I know these are people who know how to celebrate.