Location: Les Saintes

Today we completed a short but very nice sail day. We made it from Portsmouth, in Dominica, to Les Saintes, averaging a speed of about 9 knots, which is probably our best so far. Yes, Dominica and Les Saintes are only 25 miles apart. And, yes, the winds were with us for the whole passage. But these are no reasons to hide the fact that we rocked today.
We started the day with Oceanography class, where we discussed the results from the estuary lab we completed yesterday. After discussing salinities and temperatures, we moved on to passage prep. Since everybody onboard is getting more and more accustomed to the boat, we were ready and on our way in no time. Once we left the bay and the shadow of the island, Ocean Star picked up the winds that swiftly brought us to the second French island we visited on our voyage.

We made it here so quickly that we decided to move our post-passage boat appreciation session, initially scheduled for tomorrow morning, to today. That will give us more shore time tomorrow for exploring the island, eating French food, practicing foreign languages, and enjoying the Saturday! Although just as we were about to begin with our boat appreciation projects, it started pouring. However, we did not let the rain intimidate us. We took care of Ocean Star the way she deserves. (Plus, the rain did pass quickly). We were so good at it that we finished in time for some relaxed showers and backflips, reading, listening to music, chess games, and/or other activities before tonight’s dinner.
The rain tried to water the curry delights we had for dinner as well, but we managed to dodge it one more time. We finished the last bits of dinner and the squeeze question for the day in our cozy salon in time for MTE class.
Later tonight, I’m sure we will be having good night’s dreams of French baguettes.