Location: Terre de Haut, Les Saintes

Today we woke up to a rainy yet beautiful day in Les Saintes. The sun was shielded by an overcast of clouds, and the sky was darker than usual. After breakfast, we did a swift and tidy cleanup in the drizzling rain but managed to stay dry for the most part. After clean up, we had our first EFR (Emergency First Responder) class with Tor. In this class, we are learning how to do CPR and other life-saving techniques. This class will be a necessary part of earning our PADI Rescue Diver certifications. The class was quite entertaining. We watched the same instructional videos that have been helping people since the late 90s and practiced CPR on test dummies.

After EFR, we headed to shore to have an OCB class at a Cafe. We practiced our fish identification skills for about an hour and a half and became more confident about our future fish ID exam. After this class, we had shore time. Exploring this French island was very interesting. Many of us sat at cafes and exploited the internet available while others explored the islands’ many attractions. Some went on a short hike to the ruins of a fort on the hillside that was quite old. Some chose to go to the beach on the other side of the island instead. It had amazing rock structures and large waves crashing into them. We were all back on Ocean Star by 5:15 pm and to have a delicious dinner. It was raining quite hard at this point, so we were eating down below in the saloon. After dinner, most of us went to sleep, eager for the next day to begin.