Location: Sandy Island, Carriacou

Well, here we are again, my avid readers…the day began with the standard wake-ups of sleepy individuals. Fortunately, today they had some nicely toasted bagels and freshwater melon to help get themselves going before we moved over to Sandy Island, just a small jaunt around the corner. After seeing the amazingly named formation, I can indeed confirm that it is Sandy and an island, just in case anyone fancied a visit (I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed).

After we arrived at Sandy spit, the group had a seamanship class and some study time before lunch was ready. After filling up on some pasta, the group headed over to the island for the Challenge course for leadership. The course is known throughout history as one of the most grueling courses a person can undergo. It tests the body and mind to the extremes and separates the truly worthy from the not so much. The course is kept largely secret, but some of the challenges rumored are solo deadlifting entire palm trees, hunting and collecting over a 1000 indigenous crabs with only a spoon in less than a minute, and finally hiking to the island’s highest peak, which currently is around 5-6ft…Truly challenging.

Once the worthy returned to the boat, they were treated to some nice pizza for dinner, and that was then followed by a true test for the mind, the dreaded first marine biology exam…many have been fearing this moment. For a good reason, it is truly difficult. I have the answer key and still cannot pass it.

Anyway, after the exam, everyone was pretty tired out and soon retired to bed to get in some good sleep before heading underway Union island tomorrow…..but fear not avid readers, I have left you with some more thoughts to keep you occupied until next time…….Why is abbreviated such a long word? If the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting? Why are they called stands when they’re made for sitting? If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is it homeless or naked?

And some context for the photos.

Caption 1 – Kylie taking Ocean Star for a walk on its lead
Caption 2 – Kylie decided to be in one photo wasn’t enough
Caption 3 – Jules holding up the forward mast
Caption 4 – 6 people badly mimicking what meerkats do