Location: Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

The day started with an exquisite meal of Rice Krispies and off-brand cheerios– the breakfast of champions. After our filling meal and packing our lunches, we made the necessary preparations. (sunblock, getting Irv into the water, cleaning the dishes, fetching items that we’d use on land.) We were all on land well before our appointed time. We were scheduled to meet with our driver/ tour guide “Linky” at 9:00AM. We got into his van and he started his tour. (Non-invasive seat cushioning is most definitely an enviable amenity.)
Linky’s knowledge of Carriacou was vast to say the least. His tour was chocked full of information. There are trees with leaves that excrete poison but only when the leaf is torn off. There was a monument off the coast commemorating the 9 men who died trying to figure out what was in a mine. As Linky put it: “curiosity killed the cat.” Linky even told me the 3 places in Carriacou where I’d be able to get a fishing rod.
Eventually, we made it to Windward. This was the place where people built sailing vessels by hand. We were given a pseudo tour of the area by a local named Dave. Dave brought us into the shipyard in which a big red vessel was currently being built. He told us that the man had been working on it for 4 years so far. Aside from that, Dave lamented how sailboats are growing ever less popular and how there were once simpler times. Dave had hand-built his own boat as well but it was about half the size of the vessel undergoing construction.
After seeing the shipyard and brushing up on some Caribbean sailing history, Linky brought us to the local hospital. It’s on the very top of a mountain and offers a scenic view– practical? There were British cannons on top as well. It was a picture perfect view that entailed the cannons, colorful buildings and the neighboring islands in the ocean. It was almost enough to distract me from the fact that they actually built a hospital here.
The town we went to Carriacou was festive and vibrant. They were celebrating what they call “carnival”. We used our 2 hours of free time to stock up on snacks and experience some of the local cuisine and culture.
The dinner on the boat was beef, salad and many toppings. It was a delicious way to wrap up a splendid day in Carriacou.