Location: Saline Bay, Mayreau

Hello to all Ocean Star blog readers!
Today was a good one. We had a typical 7 am wake up, then a breakfast of coffee cake or “bread” as Heather likes to call it (she would NEVER feed us cake for breakfast). We had a quick cleanup and some oceanography class before Drew briefed us on the day’s activity. Any guesses? Challenge course day!!! What does this mean? Let me tell you. We split into two groups, with one being me, Sammy, Jack, Hannah, and Rocco, and team 2 being Alev, Evan, Zoe, and Ben. We were then tasked with finding our way to the island of Mayreau (did I mention we are anchored about 50 meters offshore) with everything we would need for a whole day scavenger hunt. I can’t speak for team 2, but we found the best strategy to be tying all our backpacks up in plastic bags and inflating them so we could swim over without soaking them. Our first clue led us to a little church way up on top of a hill. We were then led all over the island, talking to locals, petting many, many dogs and goats, finding staff, and completing challenges, all while racing the other team for the best time. Little did we know they had decided smoothies on the beach were a better use of their time, so it’s safe to say we definitely did not need to sprint up all the hills, but oh well. After about two hours, we made it back to the boat and completed the challenge. Team 1 took the victory, and we were all rewarded for our efforts with a dinner onshore at a little beach restaurant. We had a lovely dinner, some drinks, and some ice cream and ended our night back on the boat with a performance of Pitch Perfect. Overall an amazing day.
Sending love to Mom, Dad, Kevin, my sibs, and all friends in Rhody and Miami 🙂
Until next time!