Location: Five Island Harbour

Day 5 on Vela started with delicious bagels, jam, peanut butter, and another beautiful rainbow. I then happily announced the plan for the day, which included diving in the morning for the ones that needed to get certified and confined water practices in the afternoon, but none of this was followed due to bad weather conditions (strong wind and frequent rain). The Crew easily adapted, and we instead had our first Marine Biology lesson this morning, given by Dylan. However, this introduction was soon interrupted when the whole class started crying because Matt was cutting onions for lunch nearby. After this Onion alert, we finished the class and then learned with Allie and Drew how to do knots like real sailors and coiling too. We then got ready for lunch, pumpkin soup with rice. As a skipper, it was my duty to interrupt Fargo’s peaceful nap so that all of us could be there. Our lunch, which, like all meals, takes place on deck, was also interrupted by a sudden pouring rain and strong winds, forcing us to find shelter in the saloon. The plan for the afternoon was also changed so that we could stay dry inside. It began with some free time, during which we all started thinking about the delicious dishes we would be cooking when it was our turn to be chef. Afterward, we had our first sailing class with Drew, who taught us how to read the coordinates (latitude and longitude) and how to calculate distance on a chart (don’t call that a map!!). The weather had greatly improved (although still very windy), so we enjoyed the pre-dinner time jumping off the boat and having fun on deck. I personally decided to be prudent and avoided going into the water as I had mild ear pain last night, which thankfully has fully passed by now. For dinner, we ate pasta with a yummy cheesy sauce. I asked the group the question, “If you had the ability to turn and turn back at will into any sea creature, which one would you want it to be?”. I went for a killer-whale, overall dolphins and seals were the most popular options, while Ted chose to be a Seahorse because these keep the same partner their whole lifetime (awwww); Carla wished she could turn into a crab, and Smash said without any hesitation that she would be a sea cucumber. Finally, after dinner, we did the only thing of the day that was actually planned since the beginning, we had a very important chat with Tom, who gave us our watch team groups for future passages and explained to us how to react in case of an emergency like a fire or a man overboard. All in all, so many things happened today, and we are really excited about what’s to come!

Watch team 1 (with Smash and Dylan): Alexis, Lake, Daphne, William, Carla, Ted, Toria, Fargo
Watch team 2 (with Allie and Steph): Saskia, Kirby, Morana, Sammy, Miles, Owen, Ula
Watch team 3 (with Matt and Drew): Cosmo, Lexi, Gabby, Ben, Magdalena, Elise, Charlie, Skyler

Photo 1: Fargo’s diving skills
Photo 2: The boys getting “studious”
Photo 3: 😀
Photo 4: Rainbow!
Photo 5: Navigation class with Drew

Personal note: Joyeux anniversaire to my nephew Lyron!!! <3