Location: Statia

This morning, we gathered our dive gear and waited for the small motorboat “Stumpy” to come to pick us up. We loaded the boat and set off with our guides to dive a wreck. The Charlie Brown is a 350ft cable-lying ship formerly used by AT and T. As technology improved, the boat was no longer needed and began its second life as a habitat for fish 80ft deep off the coast of Statia. We swam inside the ship that’s now lying sideways, admiring the eerie shadows cast by the light that filtered down to the depths. We ate lunch back on board and, after an oceanography class, went ashore to explore Statia. After a few hours on the sleepy island, we traveled back to Ocean Star. We had a guest for dinner, Malcolm, a friend of Simon’s family who is working on the island. We spent the time after dinner doing some last-minute studying for our Communications final exam tomorrow.