Location: Statia

Today was an awesome day in Statia. This morning after an amazing thanksgiving dinner last night, we had some hefty chocolate pancakes. And that was followed by the best dive of the trip. We dove an 300 ft AT and T cable laying boat called the Charlie Brown, sunk in 2003 as an artificial reef. The wreck was about ninety feet deep and lies on its side and it was massive. There was a 100 feet swim through the middle of the boat that was really cool. There was a reef shark and turtle sighting. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see them but I did see some big jack schooling above us. It is of my opinion that this boat would never have sunk if Kris (The Sea Artist) had been at the helm. After the dive we got some weather and had some warm noodle soup in the saloon. When the weather cleared some of us went into Statia for some shore time. It is a little island with a population of around 2,000. People here speak here either English or Dutch. Did you know Sea Bass is Dutch? The town is at the foot of an extinct volcano that we are planning to hike tomorrow unless the forcasted swell coming makes the water to rough to go to land. Dinner was lasagnalicious (Compliments of the Dave’s), but Thad has a hard time eating lasagna because he doesn’t like foods with layers. Overall a solid day. Its hard to believe its already day 68 and only 12 days till our Caribbean Voyage is over. It has gone by too fast.