Location: Statia

Today was another stellar day for the crew of Ocean Star. It began with a delicious breakfast of egg and sausage scramble served up by our chefs-du-jour Matt and Thad. After clean up, it was on to Oceanography class and then dinghied ashore to hike the Quill ashore on Statia. At the dock, the crew observed a local fisherman landing his lobster and conch catch, most likely from the banks offshore. Mouths watered at the sight of spiny lobsters climbing over each other in the trap and marveled at the beautiful pink hues of the inner lip of the conch shells. We then began our ascent to the extinct crater that gives Statia its distinctive shape. Timid hermit crabs, leaping lizards, and the occasional slithering snake accompanied the hike to the crater rim, at which point the group was faced with a choice of one of three routes. Some ventured into the crater to climb oversized trees, others explored the elfin forests of the crater rim, and the remainder ventured further upward to take in a birds-eye view of the crater. After the exertion of the hike, hungry bellies were filled by lunch back on Ocean Star or onshore at Statia’s famous Chinese Restaurant. In the afternoon, the crew enjoyed more time to explore historic Oranjestad or work on various class projects that are imminently due as this voyage draws to a close. The evening meal was a crew favorite: meatloaf. This evening well enjoy leadership presentations and watch teams will prepare for their first shipmate-led passage to Saba tomorrow!