Location: Statia

If you were to ask most people what do they do on Thanksgiving they would most likely answer with, spend time with family, eat copious amount of food, and watch football on tv. Although this is all good and enjoyable it is not really what the spirit of Thanksgiving is about. The spirit of Thanksgiving was founded upon the idea of strangers coming together and sharing food and good will with each other. Since I started working on boats four years ago Ive come to enjoy a Thanksgiving tradition that holds truer to this wonderful holiday. Almost three months ago, the twenty crew members aboard Ocean Star were more or less complete strangers. Within that time these strangers have come together to form a family of their own. This Thanksgiving we gather together, strangers that became family, to share a meal, conversation and good will with each other. We each talk of our favorite Thanksgiving foods, our family traditions and what we are thankful for this year. Undoubtedly the most common answer among the crew was that we are thankful to our families for their support and for the opportunity to share in this experience together. This is a Thanksgiving dinner that no one here will ever forget.