Location: Saba

Today, being no shave November, the girls of Ocean star went with the flow and grew out some mustaches. It was pretty epic. The added masculinity of the boat was much needed because today was our passage to Saba that we organized and carried out ourselves. Being skipper today was pretty stressful organizing everything, including mooring, but all went pretty smoothly with only a few bumps in the road. Our chefs, Aaron and Brendan, made some fantastic orange surprises for breakfast. The surprise is that it was a casserole. And we had some orange juice, a rarity on this trip. Yum! For lunch, they made some delicious pizza bagels and chicken parmesan for dinner. After the passage, we had some free time before dinner, which was utilized either by sleeping or studying. I chose to study because we’re counting down the last ten days now, and it’s CRUNCH TIME.