Location: Saba

November 29th, with nine days, left the crew of Ocean Star was split up. Half of the group would submerge for two of the best dives of the voyage while the other half climbed the 2,064 steps up The Ladder to the summit of Mt. Scenery. The first dive was on one of Saba’s two seamounts called the Third encounter. Here we circled around the rim of an ancient, submerged volcanic peak and got to peer down into the abyss that stretched 800 feet beyond the reach of our eyes. We got to see some of the larger fish of the trip due to the near-vertical shelf off the coast of this steep island. These sightings included two Nurse Sharks, one Black-tip Shark, and a slew of large Tarpon and Angelfish. The second dive named Babylon was a labyrinth of finger-like lava flow projections separated by long sand channels. Here we saw a number of fish equal in size to the previous dive, including more Tarpon, Nurse Sharks, and much more. Saba does not appear to offer much for travelers due to its steep rock cliffs and no beaches, but for our crew, it proved to be one of the most rewarding and prominent visits.