Location: Saba

Over the course of this journey we have all learned many things. In Oceanography we have learned the science of the oceans and in Marine Biology we have encountered organisms we were previously unaware of. One thing that we still are a little rough on as a whole is time management and efficiency with completing assignments in a non-procrastinating manor. With that said, it is now finals week with only a few hours until our first exam and things are getting a little crazy up in here. The tea kettle is on at all times to caffeinate the poor souls who intend to pull an all-nighter (again), books are strewn across the salon, our beds are filled with notebooks, previous quizzes and exams, and every free second we can manage we are either studying more or eating Mac and Cheese. Id like to think that all of our hard work and studying is definitely going to pay off. Meanwhile, we still managed to fit another hike AND two dives under our belts today, so in general; a feeling of accomplishment is shared by all. We are about to embark on our last overnight passage back to the BVIs. Everyone has shared excitement for this passage because the stars are out and the wind is high. I think we will have great wind in our sails tonight, no luffing! I speak for many when I say that I will not be spending my off shifts tonight in my bunk, rather studying physical oceanography and marine management in preparation for tomorrow mornings exam in OCE Even with exams looming over our heads we are all still smiling faces, a group of the luckiest young adults alive. With only a week left we are coming together more than ever and feelings of sadness have yet to arise but our departure from each other is near and inevitable. One last week for Fall of 2010 Ocean Star crew to pirate our weigh (pun intended) through the Caribbean; together forever at heart.