Location: Spanish Town, BVI

It is the start of the Lasts! December 1, last month we are here. Last Wednesday night for a blog entry. Today marked our last passage, one that started last night in Saba and ended at breakfast here in the BVIs. Last time with our Watch Teams, out in unfamiliar waters. Were so close to the end of the semester, its hard to comprehend. I remember around Day 15 I wondered What will be like at the end of the trip, around Day 70 or so?. Well, that day has come sooner than I expected, and I’m happy to say we have come together as a family. Our passages and experiences on the numerous islands and excursions below the sea will never be forgotten. Sorry if I’m getting carried away, its my last time as skipper! Upon arriving in the BVIs, we cleared immigration for the last time. Mustering in the salon, Captain Eric led us through the customs forms so that we could enter the BVIs without hassle. Another last followed: our last BA (before MEGA BA on Day 79) while Eric cleared us into the country. Following this, we tied up to a buoy at the Baths, a beautiful set of beaches separated by massive boulders on land and strewn into the water. We were allowed to explore the natural cave routes through the rocks for around two hours, and to swim in the surf pounding between rocks. The highlight of this excursion is definitely the hollow rock. In order to enter the rock, you had to dive below the surface, and swim through a narrow passage. Once inside, even a whisper echoed a hundred-fold. Its hard to describe exactly what it was like; you’d have to experience it yourself. We left just before lunch for Spanish Town. Sound familiar? It should, we’ve been here before! Nearly three months ago we were at this same location, eating at the same restaurant and shopping at the same supermarket. So weird to think about! We went to shore for a period in the afternoon, to get lunch and internet time. At around 1445, a group returned to OStar to complete their OCE Midterm extra credit test. The rest of us returned to the boat at 1630, along with seven days worth of provisions. No more grocery shopping for us, were living off what is on the boat until we reach Pussers in West End! Well I have to be heading off; Finals Week has begun. We have an OCE quiz coming up in about 20 minutes, and I still have some last minute reviewing to do! But hey, were all in the same boat on that score. In a week today well be home. Family and friends: see you soon.