Location: Gustavia, St Barth's

Today was a good day. We went to the beach for our OCE lab, which was a lab we spent looking at waves. After the lab, which involved calculating wavelength and height as well as looking for wave sequences and analyzing wave types, we spent the day hanging out on the beach and trying to learn how to surf, and we did a fairly good job at doing so!

We spent part of the morning driving around with Monika looking for the beach, which turned into an island tour of sorts. Once we found it, the fun at the beach began. After a little class, we tried our luck at surfing. Everyone was able to catch waves, and most were able to stand up by the end of the day. It was good fun playing in the surf learning to surf and hanging out on the beach. We then finished the day at Le Select the burger bar that Jimmy Buffet wrote his song Cheeseburger in Paradise.

-Tucker W.