Location: Fernando de Noronha

Today started off with an open water review session for uncertified divers. Once this was done, we were all given the opportunity to explore the island if we wished. A lot of us went to the town where we utilized limited Wi-Fi access and consumed some delicious acai with granola. Acai is a berry found uniquely in Brazil and is often mixed into a smoothie-like consistency with bananas and granola. Several of us also decided to log some beach hours and walked down the island for 40 minutes to reach the most picturesque and remote beach on the island. Views on the cliff above, along with crashing waves, allowed us to enjoy a long day at the beach filled with body-surfing, snorkeling, and of course, tanning. At around 5 pm, a bunch of us returned to the boat for showers and to prepare for dinner. I walked down into the salon to find Abby, Sam, Dylan, and several others engrossed in one of their favorite movies- Finding Nemo. Although most people who stayed on board spent most of their day studying, they did allow themselves this little luxury. Eli’s attempt at a dive into the water when we showered made us all laugh. We finished the day with a delicious dinner of tropical beef chunks prepared by the one and only Josh. We are currently finishing cleanup and preparing for SLD. Tomorrow is our last day in Fernando, and the students are hoping to show the instructors how it’s done when we play some beach sports in the morning.