Location: Christmas Island

We’ve been in Christmas Island 3 days now, because we arrived a day early. We had a pretty flexible day which was nice. Shore time, dive time, lunch time, study time. Those of us who went to shore had varying experiences. A couple people managed to hitch a tour of the whole island that lasted two hours, while some of us battled with the internet at the Tourism Centre. Xmas Island is a pretty cool place. Everyone is super friendly. Last night the police sheriff tried to help a few of us meet some of the locals; much different atmosphere than a lot of us are used to coming from back home. Diving was incredible, definitely the highlight of our visit so far. There was a giant coral shelf along the island with tons of life. Wish I could live down there for a year. Saw my first shark. It was about 20 feet below me and probably 4 feet long. Not a big one, but still cool. We had chocolate chip cookies with dinner. Delicious.