Location: Christmas Island

My morning began by demolishing Tom at MarioKart once again. From there, the whole boat awoke to some delicious steak quesadillas that took a measly 3.5 hours of preparation. Our wonderful chef, Christian, showed everyone individually how to consume quesadillas. The students then began their intense and vigorous Oceanography quiz that most had prepared for at an adequate standard. The results of the quiz.. are not in yet, but they could range anywhere from an A to an F. Next up was a wonderful marine Biology class, where Steph could be heard through not one, not two, but three watertight bulkheads with what she calls her “teaching voice”. Afterward, everyone came up on deck, where they were not only greeted by the sight of land but also some beautiful whales. The Customs officials kept messing with Tom by not responding on the radio. Finally, though, they responded to us on the radio, giving us the almighty permission to pick up a mooring ball or two. We immediately shuttled everyone to shore to clear customs. I was quite frightened by one of the local pet ducks, named Duckie, who spontaneously chased after me after I climbed onto the dock. One of the locals (a nine-year-old girl) called off the ferocious beast. Once we were cleared in, ice cream and cold sodies were consumed in celebration. Dinner was delicious. The squeeze question was even better as everyone put on their best Batman voice to share what their favorite ice cream is. Tonight, we will sleep well, dreaming of all the dives that lay ahead.