Location: Underway to Grenada

We have now been on our passage to Grenada for about a day and a half and we are all starting to get the hang of the rhythms of passage. Its funny how we can go most of the day just seeing the people in our watch team, except at meals, even though we are all only a few feet from each other. Today, my watch team had the 3-6pm shift, which has probably been my favorite session so far. The sun was going down, so it wasn’t the blistering heat of midday, and the way the light shone on the water made it look like liquid silver. Unfortunately, we could not turn off the motor because the wind isn’t quite strong enough to carry us by itself. At dinner, I asked what peoples hidden talents are, and here are some highlights: Blake can put both his feet behind his head, Colby can make a very realistic goat noise, Nick can catch any ball no matter how hard it is thrown, Kristine has double jointed shoulders, Seb can cook well when he wants to. Look at our talented group. We can really do anything. Right now, everyone is cleaning up from the delicious dinner of pasta and meat sauce and as I look around, watching everyone do their jobs, I am reminded how much more difficult everything is while on passage. The dishwashers are wedged between the companionway and dinghy; the deckies try to scrub the decks while not loosing their footing, and the gophers try to make everything neat and clean in the kitchen with the floor pitching underneath them. But no one complains because it is all habit now. And we are out in the middle of the ocean with the warm wind in our faces and Grenada ahead