Location: Sardegna, Italy

Today kicked off before everyone was actually awake, when we dropped anchor off the coast of Sardegna around four in the morning. Watch teams kept an anchor watch until the morning wake-up happened for breakfast. Post breakfast, the deck was tidied-up and dive gear was brought out for what would be most of the shipmates very first open water dive. Shipmates had an early morning basic seamanship review session with Al for their exam later that night. Post review, the first group of divers got their gear on and shuttled out to the dive site for their morning dive. They returned a little colder and hungrier than when they left to a meal of pasta salad, which was quickly devoured and cleaned up. There was no wait after clean up and the second set of divers were gearing up getting themselves ready to go. After waiting the necessary time after a meal so one doesn’t get cramps, obviously. Dives for the day maxed out around 40 feet for around 25-30 minutes, which everyone was able to come back and put into their log books as their first open water dive. The afternoon was spent studying while dinner was being prepped and the boat was once again prepped for sail. Mexican dinner was devoured quickly by all the hungry mouths aboard, and everyone rushed down below to get the last minute cram in before their exam. After the exam, that everyone hopefully passes, we will pull anchor and begin our journey to the mainland again to see the sights of Rome.