Location: Civitavecchia, Italy

Hustling down a companionway into the galley last night, I felt a warm sense of belonging. Familiar faces surrounded me, singing and dancing while they cleaned up after dinner. That night, I no longer felt the need to journal about how strange the day was and when I was rocked gently to sleep I had my first Argo themed dream. I awoke and realized that this cramped, transient, unpredictable hunk of metal is home. This random rambunctious group of sailors is my family. I felt happy and secure in a way I haven’t since I left home and everyone I spoke to felt the same way I did. Don’t worry mom, I still miss and love you and I haven’t started taking for granted the awesome beauty seen from the marathon four-hour bow watch that I did today or the thrilling opportunity to visit Rome tomorrow. It’s just that I feel happy and secure on this ship and with these people who have become my family.
And like any family of 27, food is essential. Today I got the chance to go “provisioning” or extreme grocery shopping with the lovely Becca who is the coolest person I have ever hung out with in my life and I feel very lucky to have hung out with her for 4 hours. It was a unique and hilarious experience trying to find 1100 slices of bread and 150 chicken breasts. We cleaned out entire areas of the store and filled up 9 grocery carts. What is even more amazing is that that amount of food is only projected to last “seven or eight days.” Arrivederci for now, delightful readers of the blog.