Location: Gustavia, St Barths

We arrived at St. Barths this morning with the wind in our hair and the hot sun beaming down on our skin. It was beautiful coming in and being able to dock again, away from the bumpy passage that we just had. Once we got settled in, we headed straight into a review session of oceanography with Heather before our quiz today. The review was really helpful in getting a deeper understanding of the Coriolis effect, solar radiation, winds, and so much more. Before the quiz, lunch was served by our chef, Drew, and sous chefs, who made a delicious lasagna that was nearly as good as the ones back at home. With our stomachs filled with happiness, it was time to take the OCE quiz, and I’ll say I was a bit nervous, but in the end, I believe I did quite well. With that out of the way, we also did a lecture right after with Heather, which was really interesting to me because it overlapped with what we had been talking about in Steph’s class. Later on, we did BA (boat appreciation), where we cleaned the entire boat from head to toe and organized everything. This is one of my favorite things to do because I love to clean it and the satisfaction of everything being organized. Before you say anything, mom, I know that I don’t do this with my room, but I promise once I’m back, it will be spotless every day. Anyways after a long day of work, we all headed straight for the showers at the marina, getting a nice freshwater shower and feeling clean again. I have to admit there’s nothing better than a freshwater shower, in my opinion, and I bet everyone can agree with me on this. Dinner was served right after, which was really great, and we also got to go have some amazing ice cream for dessert. Finally, we ended the day with a manta ray presentation which was amazing, and I got to learn that the manta ray we saw and named was actually a boy.
Love you, family, and talk to you guys later; I’m off to sleep and gonna watch a movie. <3

Photo 1:The view of Ostar on Steph’s walk to the grocery store
Photo 2: Drew and his gift to Steph for their six-month anniversary of working together
Photo 3: KT under her bunk
Photo 4: Kt “bready for action” – Drew
Photo 5: The crew gathered around for a manta presentation from Nicole, who works with Manta Trust in the Caribbean