Location: Underway to St Barths

Hellooooo there, fellow loved ones! What a fun day we had. After a yummy breakfast with a side of scrumdiddlyumptious baked goods, we took a quick dingy ride over to the shore and jumped out into the ocean, where we were quickly warmed by the current of a sulfuric hot spring. If that didn’t raise our spirits, our encounter with the fuzziest of fuzzy rocks surely did the trick–the fuzzy rocks were quite the sensation as they felt like slimy fluff…very intriguing! From there, we shuttled back to our home sweet home, O. Star, where instead of hopping aboard **dry and sound, we were coerced into backflipping out of the dingy: somewhere more flop than flip, but all were a sight to sea… (ha). We swam to the boat and completed our scrubbing duties, polishing up the topsides of our beaut. This was quite the imperative task as we had to make sure that she was the brightest shining Star out there when we pulled up to the dock in St. Barths! Afterwards, we did some more prep to get us ready for the current passage we were on as I type this blog. It was a lovely time in the water as we swam and scrubbed and watched the rain droplets bounce along the surface. Once completed, we brought the cleaning momentum aboard and deep-cleaned the heck out of the boat, making everything *so fresh and so clean*! We finished the day with a spectacular underway dinner and delicious cookie dough for dessert! Now time to go chill with the best watch team there is– shout out to WT#3!! Tootaloo, Squid out!

Photo 1: Dani and Mia cheffing expertly underway
Photo 2: Gophing
Photo 3: Liana plucking Alexis’ eyebrows