Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

Today I rose out of the focsle, shorts on backward, no shirt, ready to do wake-ups. I made my way to the saloon, where I found multiple people in bed. Being skipper, I grabbed a metal pan and a wooden spoon and started bashing stuff the old-fashioned way. It was the happiest I have ever been at 7 am! We had french toast for breakfast. I skipped the fruit cause I don’t mess with the fruit. After breakfast, we had arguably one of the top 4 classes of Seamester- Marine Bio with Steph. We learned about birds. My favorite bird was the blue-footed boobie!

After class, we had our first round of divers. The second half that was not diving was free to kayak around Pigeon island and explore a bit on shore. Kebo, Charlie, and I commandeered the kayak. We paddled to the island like professionals cause were professionals. Charlie and I scaled the island with one croc and one sandal because Kebo forgot his shoes aboard Ocean Star. After realizing the island was not all we had dreamed of, we paddled to shore and got sandwiches, ice cream, and an ice-cold soda. It was great, the best part of the day for sure. After lunch, we had a class with Heather, Oceanography.

The second half of the students went diving. This half, including yours truly. Saw a lot of fish and coral. It was pretty cold too. There was a statue also, which was pretty sick–that came out of nowhere. There was this giant wall of just coral that went on for like 30 feet. I had to surface early because I was running low on air. So I hung out in the dinghy with Carli and Drew before the others came up. Then we made our way back to the boat. We moved to Bouillante when we got back- a quick 20-minute motor. I took a nap during this time in the fashion of ‘retreating,’ which I enjoy doing often every day. Then we had dinner. We had pizza, yet again, in the saloon. With pizza, there’s always the recurring theme of eating it down below because of the rain. It was great! After dinner, we got into a little bit of passage prep so we could leave bright and early for day 57.

photo 1 early morning
photo 2 pots and pans
photo 3 pigeon island
photo 4 Mia kissing Jacques Cousteau
photo 5 rainbow
photo 6-12 diving Jacques Cousteau Preserve
photo 13 galley squad
photo 14 Ashlyn up the ladder
photo 15 surprise Ryan