Location: The Azores

Watch Team 3 (represent!) had been on watch all night, sailing the Argo into the anchorage. We could smell the land as we got close. Who knew that after being at sea for so long that we could actually tell that we were close by the smell of the land. The sun was already rising by the time we got the anchor down and could go to bed. Two short hours later, the morning started out early with a breakfast eaten together on deck. We had no PFDs on for the first time since we left the BVIs. It was an odd feeling to eat my bowl of cereal without the waves rolling the milk out of the bowl or the wind blowing the frosted flakes overboard. All of the shipmates were eager to get on land to make some phone calls and get some ice cream, but the captain had other plans in mind. We scrubbed the boat all morning from top to bottom until she was shiny and beautiful once again. We scrubbed everything from the heads to the hull to be on our hands and knees with a toothbrush on deck, getting rust stains out. Then we scrubbed it all again. After finally getting the boat in perfect condition, we got to go on land. I made a beeline for a store that could sell me some ice cream and a place that I could call the family and friends that I love and miss. This time was much needed and enjoyed, and the day was ended with a perfect tropical steak meal filled with random spices that luckily went well together. All of the crew enjoyed sailing on the passage, but I think everyone has enjoyed the day when we could get a little time on land. After being on the amazing watch schedule for the past two and a half weeks, I am greatly looking forward to getting a real night’s rest tonight without being woken at 4 am to head up on deck.