Location: underway

Today was especially beautiful aboard Argo, with the sun shining on us on all day. Julia and Altman prepared a delicious lunch of pumpkin soup and rosemary biscuits. Watch teams continued scraping varnish off the caprails in preparation for a fresh coat in the Marquesas. Marine Biology and Oceanography classes enjoyed a Blue Planet documentary on deep oceans. While on bow watch, Sydney spotted a sea turtle swimming by which is a reminder that we are one day closer to land. With the arrival in the Marquesas soon approaching, shipmates are taking advantage of free time to study for their Yachtmaster exams. A dinner of Mexican cuisine closed out another day underway. andlt;hr width=’100’/andgt;andlt;div align=’center’andgt;andlt;tableandgt;andlt;trandgt;andlt;tdandgt;andlt;