Location: Barbuda

The large swells have been rocking us all day. Our mission of the day was to clear out of Barbuda. Simple, right? First, we were dropped off in huge swells on the picturesque beach. We then portaged our dinghies over the white sand bar, a good 100 yards, to the lagoon on the other side. The dinghy ride then left us wandering around the tiny town in search of customs and immigration. Luckily, the island was full of friendly people and even friendlier goats. After an enjoyable afternoon and Natty’s delectable cheesy potatoes, we split into three watch teams for the passage to St. Barth: Theo, Luke, and myself, Jon, Natty, and Emily, and Boomer and Chantale. From 8 p.m. on, each group had an enjoyable passage in calm waters and under a star-filled sky.