Location: Barbuda

After a scrumptious breakfast of oatmeal with raisins, we maneuvered Near Enough through the reefs around Green Island. Snoop’s sharp eyes from the spreaders helped with this close-quarter maneuvering. The motor to Barbuda was 35 miles. There was no wind, the sea was like glass, and we caught quite a few fish. None of them were large enough to eat, so were threw them back. In the afternoon, Boomer taught us some celestial navigation. Upon reaching Barbuda, we dropped anchor and proceeded to swim out a stern anchor to line up the bow into the swells. When running out the stern anchor, the crew of Near Enough chose the method of Bernard Moitessier of tying fenders to the anchor and chain, swimming it out, and releasing the fenders to drop the anchor. Unfortunately, the anchor was not set at the desired distance on the first attempt, so Boomer and I put our masks and fins on, and with the help of Drew and four fenders, we positioned the anchor more desirably. Dinner consisted of pasta and salad, followed by a cake for Chantale’s birthday. Happy birthday Chantale!