Location: Normal Island

Day 38 was the last due date on our schedule of assignments, and so we began the day presenting our oceanography research projects to the rest of the group. The projects ranged from experiments with pH to the analysis of reef health in the Caribbean. Each group did a great job, and listening to each other, we all found out some interesting stuff about the world around us. The afternoon was relatively mellow as we motored over to Salt Island and went on a short snorkel around its coastal caves. Then, we had our last meal aboard Ocean Star, a wonderful dinner of pasta and garlic bread. I will surely miss sitting down for dinner with some beautiful island in the background being lit up with colors of a setting sun. Finally, as I write this blog, the rest of the crew is scattered around the boat writing personalized cards to every other member on board. It will be hard to leave these amazing people, but it is nice to know I will have 18 cards to read from each of them as my plan takes off for the US.