Location: Nevis

The crew awakened to this day with some of the heaviest beats available. After a breakfast consisting of egg sandwiches and fruit, everybody gathered their thoughts for a double-header class session of marine biology and oceanography. The girls scribbled their notes while the guys wondered whether Chris’s (oceanography teacher) accent was genuine. Later in the evening, Jack contested that Chris’s English accent is indeed fake, as he has been heard sleep talking without it. After an oceanography class concerning the salinity of ocean water and a marine bio class concerning natural selection, we were granted shore time till 4:30. A large majority (mostly girls) of the crew utilized this time for the purpose of connecting to the internet. The guys meanwhile plundered the streets of Nevis in search of souvenirs and food while remaining untouchable within the aura of hip-hop music. The island laid ominously in the threat of rain. At 4:30, and a dinghy ride back to Ocean Star, the crew grabbed a quick shower and, under the undignified leadership of skipper John, began to commence ship preparation for Montserrat. We will have leadership class later in the evening and begin our departure for the island at midnight with one of our felicitous watch teams.