Location: Rosseau, Dominica

What better way to rouse some groggy minds than a 6:30 am fire drill. Last nights memories of a shore BBQ and subsequent reopening of Club Ocean Star immediately seemed a thing of the past as 12 weary shipmates bundled up the companionway frantically trying to don PFDs with firefighting pillows in hand. An early morning date with our good friend and island tour guide Seacat was the reasoning behind such an early start to the day. For those who embarked on today’s island fruit tour, the “green island” lay waiting to be explored. Gardens of fruit, waterfalls, scenic photos and a visit to the last last remaining Carib Indian reserve were just a few of the stops on an all day adventure around Dominica. For those of us who remained aboard, a day of routine maintainence and varnishing was on the card. Kris and Eric, dressed for battle, waged war with the fresh water pump, emerging victorious an hour later. Kris, fresh off the back of the morning victory, foolishly got himself into an argument with the ships printer. An hour and a half later the printer surrendered and Kris was celebrating his second victory of the day. Meanwhile the island tour was concluding and 10 incredibly warn out shipmates (and 2 staff) made their way back on board. Some chose to steal an hours nap whilst others used the time to catch up on some school work. A delicious meal of chili and rice was on the menu for supper followed by an intriguing Marine Biology Lecture on Estuaries. on behalf of myself and 10 very sleepy students I wish you a good night.